Daniel Ferrari is the founder and President of Innovatus Engineering Inc. In this role, his primary focus is on the coordination and execution of technical services.

Mr. Ferrari is an ambitious, action-oriented, practical leader, experienced in the design and construction of major private and public sector building assets. He is a trustworthy relationship manager who can quickly establish professional and personal rapport with clients, vendors and landlords, with a primary focus on overall client satisfaction.

His practical approach to design is founded upon an educational background in Architecture and Civil Engineering, coupled with over ten years of experience in structural design, building sciences and construction management. A primary focus of Mr. Ferrari’s field experience is in the investigation and rehabilitation of long-term serviceability problems in existing structures.

Through his professional experiences, he demonstrates strategic thinking and planning with a proven ability to provide clients with effective and efficient strategies for asset preservation, management, and development. In his previous experiences within the consulting industry, Mr. Ferrari acted as a project manager and structural design engineer responsible for coordinating and executing structural analyses, condition assessments, designs, architectural layouts, as well as comprehensive component and material testing programs.

Mr. Ferrari is trained in the practice of engineering (Structural) from the University of Ottawa.

In addition to his training as a structural engineer, Mr. Ferrari holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Certificate of Project Management; both obtained from the University of Toronto.

Mr. Ferrari is a member the following Provincial Associations and holds the following licenses and certificates:

  • Licensed Professional Engineer of Ontario

  • Certificate of Authorization from Professional Engineers Ontario 

  • Licensed Professional Engineer of Alberta

  • Licensed Professional Engineer of Manitoba

  • Licensed Professional Engineer of Saskatchewan

  • Licensed Professional Engineer of British Columbia



Michael Colalillo is the lead project engineer at Innovatus Engineering Inc., where he lends his technical expertise in structural design and analysis to the development of economical engineering solutions. Michael has several years of experience in design and project management, as derived from various roles in the consulting and construction industry. In addition, Michael has a strong academic background in structural engineering, having completed his doctorate at the University of Toronto where he studied the behavior of reinforced concrete strengthened with fibre reinforced polymers.

Michael has a strong background in the design and analysis of steel, concrete, and wood structures, as demonstrated by his work on various projects at Innovatus Engineering, and his collaboration on large construction works at his previous employers, including the design firm Stephenson Engineering Ltd and the joint venture for the construction of the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension.

Through his extensive professional and academic experiences, Michael has demonstrated his ability to analyse complex problems and provide thoroughly detailed and economically conscious design solutions. He consistently demonstrates a high level of competency, delivering creative and quality oriented product.


Michael is a Licensed Professional Engineer in good standing with the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO). He is also a published member of the American Concrete Institute (ACI).


Michael obtained his Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2006, graduating with honours from the cooperative work program, with a focus on structural engineering and project management.

In 2012, Michael completed his Doctorate in Structural Engineering at the University of Toronto. His research thesis focused on the advanced shear behaviour of reinforced concrete beams strengthened with fibre reinforced polymers (FRP), a rehabilitation technique demonstrated to improve the seismic performance of new and existing structures. His research involved both hands-on laboratory research and computer based analytical modelling, which led to the development of improved formulations to predict shear behaviour. He also taught upper year classes in reinforced concrete design, and was a teaching assistant for several material behaviour and mechanics courses.


Filipe Batista is an engineering intern at Innovatus Engineering Inc., where he assists in structural design and analysis operations. Through his various roles in engineering and construction, Filipe has developed a versatile problem-solving skill set that enables him to assist in the development of practical solutions to a wide variety of structural design and construction related issues.  In his previous roles with the City of Toronto’s Engineering & Construction Services Division, Filipe worked with teams managing the delivery of multimillion-dollar municipal construction projects including the new UV Disinfection Facility and Outfall at Ashbridge's Bay Wastewater Treatment Plant.



Filipe obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Ryerson University in 2017, specializing in structural engineering. During his time at Ryerson University, Filipe worked on research projects exploring new construction technologies and applications such as self-healing concrete and the use of superabsorbent polymers to repurpose hydro excavation spoils as engineering fill.


Filipe is a registered Engineering Intern (EIT) in good standing with the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO).



Deanna D’Ambrosio is a seasoned Project Coordinator and Office Manager with over 20 years of experience, having held positions in the financial, real estate, construction and business fields. She is a results driven, self-motivated and resourceful Project Coordinator with and in depth understanding of all aspects of Project coordination and implementation.


Deanna joined Innovatus Engineering Inc. in 2016 as an Office Manager with a primary focus on client relations, ensuring employee growth and satisfaction and maintaining project flow;  she is also involved in the development, updating and monitoring of business action plans to promote company growth.


In addition to her duties as Office Manager, Deanna is also active in many organizations in her community. She is part of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel as a former Big Sister for 10 years and currently sits on the Recruitment and Event Planning Committees. Deanna just received an Award for 15 Years of Service with BBBS.



Andrew joined Innovatus in 2018. Before joining Innovatus Engineering Inc. & TSS Building Science, Andrew was an Account Manager with Ontario Lottery Gaming Corporation. Now, Andrew is responsible for the day-to-day operations and general management of the company, a role he assumed after the passing of his father, Colin Donaldson in 2015.

Through his time in the company, Andrew has proven that he is a capable, results-orientated individual who, along with the Innovatus Team, has successfully increased efficiency and productivity. Andrew possesses an excellent client-facing skillset and is a passionate and driven individual who has the ability to keep a level head at all times.

One of Andrew’s key roles is to assist in defining the company’s direction by evaluating opportunities through maintaining constant interaction with clients, manufacturers and contractors, with the ultimate goal of company growth.


In order to constantly stay on top of of new technologies and leading industry information, Andrew actively participates in a variety of industry events, sits on multiple association committees, and attends various education seminars and training courses.